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Welcome to the official website of Alessia Cornici where the heart of art meets innovation in the production of frame profiles. Since 1973 we have dedicated ourselves to providing wholesalers with elegant and high-quality solutions for framing masterpieces, photographs, and memorable treasures.

50 years of experience

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Alessia Cornici was founded in 1973 by Roberto Castelli and Annamaria Monti and the company is committed to aesthetically elevating every place. Our range varies from traditional designs to contemporary solutions, utilizing durable materials and impeccable finishes to ensure that each profile not only enhances the work it encloses but adds value and style to the surrounding environment.

Our Product

We focus on the details, whether it is selecting the raw materials or using them, and we take great care to ensure that you enjoy the ultimate in artistic expression.


Real silver, copper, imitation gold and aluminium are our specialty, premium timber our standard, and the finest workmanship our trademark.

More than just frame mouldings

Building on our experience in creating innovative and original finishes, we branched out into the world of interior design as decorators of fixtures and fittings.

Projects for every environment

Our wide range of products and skilled artisan experts mean we can rise to any occasion and satisfy all your needs.

Moulding catalogue

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Our Commitment

Alessia Cornici for the environment

Special Projects

Experimentation and research are the key that led us to the development of a new line of products designed to be unique.
Our Frames Collection

Alessia Cornici now

Products crafted in Italy by expert artisans who work with passion and focus on details. This is the cornerstone of a unique, sophisticated product based on a clear understanding of age-old techniques passed down through time, combined with our continuous exploration into new materials and production methods.

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In-house workshop

Artisan products

Bespoke design


At Alessia Cornici, our customers can rely on the assistance of our experts in their quest to customise production in line with creative and market demands and deliver an inimitable, elegant, unique product every single time.

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