Commitment to the Environment

Alessia Cornici & Treedom

With the beginning of 2022, Alessia Cornici has decided to embark on a virtuous path.
Thanks to Treedom we have created a long-term agro-forestry project where we periodically commit ourselves to planting trees in various areas of the world.
The ultimate goal is to create, over time, an ever-expanding forest with positive effects ranging from the protection of bio-diversity to the absorption of CO2 and the contrast of desertification and soil erosion.
To her customers, Alessia Cornici has decided to periodically give a tree as a gift to actively involve them in their forestry project.

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Treedom's Mission

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The Pillars

  • Treedom carries out agro-forestry projects, realizing environmental and social benefits
  • Planting of trees
  • Global CO₂ absorption
  • Protection of biodiversity
  • Fight against desertification and soil erosion
  • Financing to local farmers
  • Training
  • Income and empowerment opportunities

Gift a Tree

Each tree can be given as a gift with a click, creating a lasting relationship between those who receive it and those who gave it. A tree can be a gift for someone special, for a birthday, anniversary, graduation or simply to represent one’s commitment to the environment.
Companies can give trees to tell their values, a product or an event, involving customers or employees.
It is a gift that lasts over time and communicates positive messages: every time a news is published in the tree diary, you receive a personalized e-mail, renewing the bond between those who gave the gift and those who received it.

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Treedom Tree

Each tree is unique: it is photographed and geolocated when it is planted and has its own online, public and shareable page.
Those who plant or receive a Treedom tree as a gift can:

  • Know the exact position of your tree, follow the history of the project it will give life to, discovering the environmental and social benefits it will bring, through content published periodically in the Tree Diary;
  • Personalize your tree with a name and a message;
  • Quantify the CO₂ absorbed by one’s tree;
  • Know in real time the weather of the place where the tree is growing, the owners of nearby trees and much more.