"Something new"

A passion lasting for 50 years

Elegant and modern

Our production mainly focuses on the creation of elegant finishes, crafted both by hand and with the aid of modern equipment.

Artisans and innovators

We combine the design, craftsmanship and quality of a traditional artisan workshop with the output and innovation of an industry.

Hand gilding

A process of ornamentation to decorate your frame

Our traditional method of gilding – applying gold leaf by hand – is a source of pride and joy for us. The decades of experience built up by our specialist finishers is united with the use of machines for the gilding process. This means we can deliver the most complex, ornate finishes where the human hand is essential, as well as simpler, more modern finishes that are better suited to industrial production.

Cornici colorate Alessia cornici
The ultimate to meet every need

Customised frame mouldings

We even create specific colours for each finish. The mixes for each dye are crafted from natural powders for water-soluble or alcohol-based coatings and anilines. All our creations have something unique and inimitable, a quality determined by our constant search for refined beauty.

Cornici finite Alessia cornici
Cornici decorate Alessia cornici

Manufacturing process

Alessia Cornici is not merely synonymous with handcrafting, it is also the interplay between people and machines, aided by an efficient range of machinery. This approach means that we can diversify our manufacturing process to create finishes with distinctive styles and features at a competitive production rate.

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