Castelli Line

"Something unique"

Special Projects

Experimentation and research are the key that led us to the development of a new line of products designed to be unique.

In these 50 years of activity, I have had great satisfactions, the success that our products have received are the result of the constant search for something always original and “Beautiful”, but something was still missing. From here came the idea of going beyond the normal production and creating a line of unique products, for Material, Design and Finishes.


For my first creation I wanted to start from an exceptional material.

I was inspired by the enthusiasm of this 2nd space age and what material could represent it better than Titanium (Ti22), an element that, thanks to its resistance and lightness, is essential for the realization of rockets and satellites.


The minimalist design wants to convey a sense of lightness that materializes in the feeling that the frame floats from the wall.


Each piece is cut individually from a single sheet of Titanium.

Each detail is processed, assembled and cared for by expert hands that, both with the use of state-of-the-art machinery and with their manual experience, manage to get the most out of each piece, giving the frame the charm of a timeless product.


The finish, the result of artisanal processes, gives this product the prestige of a unique object, as two identical specimens can never be obtained.

Roberto's Story

Roberto Castelli was born in Cutigliano, a small town in Tuscany, shortly before World War II.

After military service he found a job as a representative in a frame company near Milan.

Here he began to propose his first articles that immediately stood out from the rest of the market for the design and colors that anticipated the times.

He married Anna in 1971 who understood his creativity and decided to start a new path together: on 21.03.1973 ALESSIA CORNICI “something new” was born

In the 80s in Bologna the moulding for frame fair “SACA” began thanks to the synergy between Federlegno and the consortium “CON COR”, with which Roberto collaborated over the years until he became president of the consortium and president of the mouldings group and frame producers of Federlegno.

50 years after the foundation of Alessia Cornici, Roberto Castelli still seeks innovation through the research of new materials and finishes to be used in the field of frames, today proposing his new creation entirely made of Titanium.