Techniques and Materials


The most common types of wood used in picture framing today are basswood, pine and fir. However, our constant research into raw materials often drives us to experiment. One recent example of this is the bamboo panel we used as inspiration for two different profiles now available in our collection.
Alessia Cornici can guarantee the high quality of our products at the right price owing to our highly specialised workforce and the flexibility of our manufacturing process.

Cornici colorate Alessia cornici
Cornici colorate Alessia cornici
Gommalacca naturale Alessia corniciGommalacca decerata Alessia cornici


Natural shellac has always played a part in the world of picture frames and fine arts in general. Whether used as a base for alcohol-soluble dyes or as a sealer, it continues to be an essential varnish today.

Colors and Finishes

Powder dyes for water-soluble or alcohol-based coatings and anilines are just some of the products we use for our creations.

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For 50 years, Alessia Cornici has been setting the pace for innovative ideas in finishes and frame mouldings. We offer you finely crafted pieces. For more information or a personalised quote, contact us by email at or phone on +390399279302.

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